PRF (platelet rich fibrin)

General Descriptions

PRF is a second generation of PRP. It is a totally natural solution to treat face areas that show signs of aging, such as dark circles under the eyes, puffy cheeks and others. In some cases it can also be used to treat hair loss.

This treatment can also help achieve wound healing, collagen production and increased elasticity. PRF contains a high concentration of white blood cells, fibrin and a small amount of stem cells that are circulating in our bloodstream.

How do we do it

Results generally last 1 to 3 weeks and then dissipate, but long-term effects, such as collagen production, skin tightening and improved skin, can take up to 3 to 4 months to show results and they can last up to 12 months.

Just like with PRP on the day of the plasma application it is not recommended to sunbathe or apply creams directly to avoid any local infection. After the therapy, it is not advisable to go to saunas or to the gym immediately afterwards. Do not wear make-up during the first 24 hours. Do not expose yourself to the sun.

Overall, the results of platelet-rich plasma are visible 20-30 days after the first session, however, from the first few days, improvement is already beginning to be seen.