Welcome to AMIS

You have come to an «all under one roof» MedSpa. At AMIS you will find everything you need to reach your aesthetic and wellness goals without surgery. We offer great technology to treat skin pigment, saggy skin, wrinkles, folds, scars, unwanted tattoo, hair removal, stretch marks, fat and cellulite. Artistic technique to help you reach a more youthful and refreshed facial beauty with a variety of treatment and product options. Last but not least, we also offer the famous non-surgical brazilian butt lift procedure! Your satisfaction is our priority.

Fat reduction

Reduce unwanted fat in the most stubborn areas. No down time, permanent results with minimal discomfort. Our technology, CoolSculpting and Ultrashape Power!


Contour, build and lift! PDO threads are a great way to build collagen, lift and contour your face without surgery and minimal downtime!


Plump, and smooth your facial skin with the highest quality injectables like Botox, Dysport, Restylane, Juveaderm and Sculptra. These can be used separate or in combination for best results!

Skin tightening

Tighten up your neck, chin, inner thighs, brow etc. Our technology, Profound, Morpheus8 and our mighty Accutite!

Skin pigmentation

Forget about those sun spots or uneven tones in your face, neck, hands and other areas, improve their appearance or completely remove them. Our technology PiQO4 and Cynosure Icon.


Contour and reduce cellulite that are so hard to remove with regular exercise and diet. Our Technology VelashapeIII is non-invasive and provides no significant discomfort and no down time.

Brazilian Butt Lift

This procedure is non-surgical and effective to lift, enhance and perk your booty. Deep seated cellulite indentations can also be reduced or completely removed. Minimal discomfort and 24 hours downtime.


Platelet Rich Plasma is used for many purposes since it has the ability to repair damaged tissue. Hair restoration, wrinkles, also in conjunction with microneedling to improve your skin. Minimal discomfort.

Laser scar correction

The Lumenis® laser breaks down the fibers in the scar and triggers the production of new collagen and elastic fibers, resulting in healing and greatly reducing the appearance of scar.

Our guarantee to our patients

Quality Products

We only use products that are FDA approved and made by a reputable company. You can rest assured that when you come for a treatment you are getting top quality, from our fillers to our technology.There are no shortcuts when it comes to our patients well-being.

Safe and Effective

Procedures performed are by a highly qualified medical practitioner, that has been extensively trained and practices with safe technique to minimize adverse reactions! It is very important to us to give our patients effective and safe procedures to reach their beauty goals.

Latest Technology

Our technology is one of the best and most effective in the market to deliver great results. For example Accutite, Profound, Morpheus8, VelashapeIII, Ultrashape, CoolSculpting have proven to give great results that last with minimal discomfort and downtime.

Patient Satisfaction

Patient satisfaction is our number one priority. It is important for us that our patients have realistic expectations and educating them about our treatments and what results to expect is key. You can rest assured that we will deliver upon the results we promote.

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