About Us

AMIS was founded by Dianelis Herrera APRN who has always been passionate in searching ways to age better, live a quality life and feel great. She has a strong background working closely with plastic surgeons, orthopedic, OB/GYN, hand and general surgeons. Graduated from Barry University with competitive scores as an RN and then Advanced Acute Nurse Practitioner. She developed a passion for aesthetics due to its artistic nature while working with plastic surgeons.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide our patients with the tools to look and feel great about themselves. Giving great service, professionalism and honesty to all who visit AMIS. There is nothing more important than reassuring the safety of our patients while at the same time reaching their realistic expectations and goals. Safety, honesty and professionalism is what drives our practice.

Our Vision

At AMIS not one treatment fits mosts. We understand that we are all different and so our treatments are customized for each patient. Our patients goals are number one priority for us.