Stretch Mark

Stretch marks are caused when our skin overstretches to the point in which maximum tension is reached and then it creates a «scar» which is the stretch mark. They are very common among men and women and can happen during puberty where there is rapid growth and not enough time for the skin to stretch enough. Also in rapid weight gain, pregnancy and others.
Although there isn’t one treatment that can reverse the damage, we have one which can improve their appearance

The Technology

    The Acupulse by Lumenis uses 2 different modes to affect different layers of skin. It can reduce the appearance of stretch marks, while improving tone and texture. You’ll experience dramatic tightening and rejuvenation without surgery, and have less downtime compared to similar treatments. Treatments can be made all over the body and delivers outstanding results and has the versatility to be custom configured for a variety of different skin conditions and types.
    DOWNTIME: Up to 14 days.

    This fractional technology uses pulses of laser light to target and break down stretch mark discoloration and texture, triggering collagen production underneath the skin. This new collagen will help improve both the texture and color of the stretch marks. With just a few treatments, the redness of the stretch mark can be reduced, leaving your skin smooth and clear. This treatment is ideal for all types of stretch marks; it’s a fast and effective treatment that typically takes 30 minutes, delivering superior and long-lasting results.
    DOWNTIME: Up to 14 days.


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