As we age we lose collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid all which contribute to skin laxity, loss of volume and crepey skin.  Threads have been used for many years to lift and tighten skin.  At AMIS MedSpa, we use high quality threads made of different materials like PDO, PLLA and HA. They are used interchangeably and depending on each patients’ needs and aesthetic goals. PDO or polydiaxone are mostly used for lifting fat pads, lift sagging skin and volume by creating collagen. PLLA threads are made of poly-L-lactic acid which, just like the dermal filler Sculptra, promotes accelerated collagen production. These are used in areas where there are very fine lines, thin skin and/or crepey skin. Lastly, we have HA threads which are based on Hyaluronic acid, theri purpose is to volumize and plump the area.
Benefits and areas that can be treated
Collagen production Elastin Skin laxity reduction Fat pads repositioning Volumizing Can be used in: Face Lips Neck Chest Abdomen Buttock Above the knee Even for skin laxity in the arms
How many treatment sessions are needed?
Most patients enjoy satisfactory results after just one treatment. After six to nine months of their first treatment, the individual returns and specialists determine if they need a follow-up treatment or not. After that, individuals should not need another treatment for up to 2 years.
Post-recovery and Results
Duration depends on several factors, including the thickness of the threads, the quality of the threads and the body's metabolic rate. However, most of our patients find that the threads have dissolved within six to nine months. Some treatment results, such as skin tightening and some of the contouring effects, are visible immediately after treatment. In fact, the skin may look tighter when you finish treatment than it does a week later. The final results of your treatment will be seen in about 3 months. The duration relies specifically on age. Age is one of the main factors in how quickly the body produces new, healthy collagen. Collagen is the protein responsible for plumping cheeks, filling in fine lines and smoothing wrinkles.


Before and After

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